Graybar and Eaton's Bussmann® series products

Eaton continues to reflect a long-standing tradition of providing Bussmann series fusible circuit protection and electrical safety solutions that protect equipment and enable reliable, efficient power distribution.

Bussmann series circuit protection products and services focus on downtime reduction, workplace safety and code compliance for the industrial/MRO, OEM and construction markets. From fuses and fuse blocks to panelboards and surge protective devices, Bussmann series products deliver reliable, efficient and safe power where it is needed.

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  • Stay Ahead Of 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) Changes With Bussmann Low-Peak Fuses

    Not all of us embrace change. Some of us prefer what we know, like juice without kale and cookies without raisins. But sometimes, change is a good thing, especially when it comes to Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCRs). Thanks to 2017 NEC® revisions, SCCR is about to change for the better. With Eaton’s Bussmann™ series Low-Peak™ fuses, you’ll stay ahead of changing safety and compliance measures.


  • [VID] In Stock Eaton Bussmann Medium Voltage Fuses

    Eaton Bussmann now has the largest medium voltage fuse line in the industry: Type E, Type R and PT transformer-style. So what's a medium voltage fuse? It’s a lot bigger and heavier than what is traditionally stocked. Medium voltage fuses start at 1000 volts and go all the way up to 38 kV.


  • 65% Less Panel Space + 33% Less Labor: Save Big With Bussmann series Power Distribution Fuse Blocks

    In manufacturing, using space efficiently is one way to cut costs and boost profits. When it comes to power distribution, your customers need safe and reliable technology in equipment panels, but panel space isn’t cheap. The Bussmann by Eaton Power Distribution Fuse Block delivers total safety and reliability—with up to 50 percent less panel space needed, and 33 percent lower labor and installation costs.


  • The Innovative, Snap-Together Solution: Eaton’s Bussmann Series Modular Ferrule Fuse Blocks

    Every electrical contractor knows that overcurrent protection is crucial. Otherwise, you’re in for a shock with an overload, short circuit, or ground fault on your hands. Luckily, Eaton’s Bussmann series modular ferrule fuse blocks were built tough, providing overcurrent protection for control and lighting circuits to HVAC/R equipment, panel builders, and industrial machinery. Read more.


  • Eaton's Bussmann Series Flexible Design

    Eaton’s Bussmann series custom order engineering (COE) team has solved countless challenges for overcurrent and overvoltage applications. Whether the need is for an existing product altered, or a brand new product designed, the team has the expertise to turn concept into reality.


  • Space-Saving, Fast-Acting Fuses: Eaton's Bussmann Series Compact High Speed Fuses

    For most, the term “UPS” conjures images of missed deliveries and khaki shorts. In the data center, UPS has a whole different meaning. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is crucial for protecting hardware where an unexpected power disruption occurs, and high-speed, fast-acting fuses safeguard electronic components within the UPS. With Eaton Bussmann series Compact High Speed Fuses, you’ll lock down fusible circuit protection—with less space and heat rise.


  • Increasing Power Density The Smart Way: Eaton's Bussmann Series Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP)

    In the data center, higher voltages mean improved power density, better use of space, and lower costs. There’s only one catch: increased risk of fault currents. When more power is delivered with lower impedance, fault currents can be much higher. To protect people and components, circuit protection must be incorporated across systems. That’s where Bussmann series Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP) comes into play. Learn more.


  • Catastrophe-Free SCCR Compliance: Bussmann Series Short-Circuit Current Rating Solutions From Eaton

    In the movies, explosions and fire tornadoes are exciting. In real life: not so much. With a short circuit, a typical Monday takes a turn from mundane to perilous, with catastrophic damage to the panel and surrounding equipment, and potential injury from burns, flying debris, and electric shock. For truly safe electrical systems, Eaton’s Bussmann series products are here to help you navigate SCCR.


  • [VID] Eaton's Bussmann Series High-Speed and Class J Fuses

    High-speed fuses are very fast-acting fuses that are used to protect power conversion equipment. In data centers, one of the critical components in the data center is the UPS that helps make sure that if there's any loss of power, you don't lose electrical power to the equipment.


  • Tips for Workplace Safety: Arc Flash Hazards and Ground Fault Safety

    Arc flash and electrical wiring hazards rank in the top 10 of OSHA’s most-cited violations. This 40-minute webinar will walk you through an analysis of revised requirements for the Arc Flash Risk Assessment (previously Arc Flash Hazard Analysis in 130.5 of NFPA 70E and updates to the June 29 2015 UL 943 changes that will impact every Ground Fault Receptacle available on the market. Keeping your plant personnel and property free from harm is critical. Experts from Eaton’s Bussmann business and Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems will lead the discussion.


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