Eaton B-Line business Redi-Rail Cable Tray System Video

B-Line's Redi-Rail™ Cable Tray System was designed specifically for the contractor. It distinguishes itself in the marketplace by the flexibility and by the ease of installation which is what we had in mind when B-Line developed the product. It's designed with aluminum as opposed to steel, which is normally B-Line's standard tubular ladder rack. Since it is aluminum, it's a little less than half the weight of the steel. It's much easier to install; a contractor can install it by himself.

An issue that contractors have when they're installing ladder rack over cabinets is lining the ladder rack rungs over the cabinets to where the waterfall will easily line up with the cabinets so that the cable can come down into the cabinet. The Redi-Rail has bolted rungs that can easily be moved or adjusted, or you can add additional rungs or remove a rung if you needed to.

To add to the rigidity and strength of the ladder rack, B-Line made the rungs out of I-Beam construction. I-Beam construction enables you to place a waterfall without any additional hardware like nuts or bolts. It literally just fastens right onto the rungs itself. Since the ladder rack is made of aluminum, that gives it a higher ground capacity than what our traditional steel ladder rack would have. The ladder rack has received UL approval as a continuous ground. Even painted, as long as you scrape the top and the bottom of the ladder rack, it's considered by UL as a continuous ground. That also is a huge labor saving for the contractor.

Download the brochure for more information on B-Line's Redi-Rail System.