The Smart Cable Management Solution: Eaton's B-Line Series Marine Rungs & Cable Containment Accessories

Eaton B-Line Marine Rungs and Cable Containment

Enhanced Design & Installation Flexibility

With the alternating strut orientation of B-Line series slotted marine rungs, you can use the bottom of the cable tray as a pathway for conduit, freeing up space and helping minimize required supports. B-Line series slotted marine rungs also accommodate B-Line series cable clamps, cable cleats, and steel banding, for easy cable segmentation and containment. The cable tray is built tough too, with a wide-rung design which helps reduce cable strain and can support a 200-pound concentrated load beyond the published catalog load.

Restrain, Optimize & Segment Cables with Ease

B-Line series cable containment accessories enhance installation flexibility and safety. The cable clamps are easily installed and removed as a one-piece assembly, so you don’t need to disconnect adjacent clamps. With cable cleats, it’s easy to restrain cables to the highest short circuit withstand levels. Last, but not least, stainless steel banding allows you to segment cables with ease—regardless of the cable tray orientation. Eaton’s B-Line series cable tray with marine rungs and cable containment accessories. The smart, tough, reliable cable management solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce cable strain with the wide-rung design
  • Support concentrated loads of up to 200 lbs. beyond the published catalog load
  • Easily connect strut and equipment cable tray system accessories
  • Rung styles are compatible with the full line of NEMA aluminum and steel B-Line series cable tray products
  • Cable cleats, clamps, and stainless steel banding help installers:
    • Segment cables with ease, no matter what the cable tray orientation
    • Optimize space and reduce supports by attaching conduit directly to the tray bottom
    • Restrain cables where the highest short circuit withstands are required
[PDF] B-Line Series Cable Management

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