Video: Get Eaton's B-Line Business Color Plastic J-Hook Clip Same or Next Day

Eaton's B-Line business recently launched the colored plastic J-Hook. The benefit of the colored plastic J-hook is that it's a snap-on toolless competent that helps the contractor identify cables more efficiently, and can retrofit and install new systems very quickly.

As you can see, the plastic clip easily snaps onto the J hook. What's interesting about this clip is can work for the legacy J hooks tiered and riveted or the new J hooks. If you need to change any of these colors to an existing system, it's an easy, quick installation.

Contractors see a benefit of the J-hook color id clip because the old version of the J-hook was made to order. So we had the metal blanks that were premade and they had to be painted to order, so lead times were extended. The new plastic clips are in stock, so they are same day or next day delivery.