High Density Network Rack from Eaton

The new HDNR product from Eaton, the High Density Network Rack, simplifies cable management. With more active equipment in the rack, the more cable management becomes an issue. So, with Eaton's wider vertical cable managers and horizontal managers, you can put up to 1000 cables in each one of the vertical cable managers, so over time, it's a lot easier to manage the equipment.

It comes in black and Eaton white. Specifically in data centers, white reflects light a little bit better, so you can turn the lights down and save a little bit more on energy.

It is fully adjustable so you can adjust the rails back and forth to accommodate any type of equipment that goes into it. It's fully cable managed on the top, so if you're putting rails on the top, the cables can drop right down to where they need to go. On the back are the PDU mounting brackets. It's very easy to mount Eaton's PDUs on because they just slide right in to the bracket.

A lot of the new Cisco gear vents from side to side, so Eaton has a baffle kit that helps the air vent from front to back.

A perfect example of an application would be a data center for active switchgear, or even universities, schools, hospitals where you have telecom closets and a lot of gear in the closet. This is perfect for that; to be able to manage all of your cables.

[PDF] Eaton B-Line High Density Network Rack from Eaton Brochure

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