The Speedy-Install Easy-Prefab Solution: Eaton's B-Line series BB2 Telescoping Bracket & Accessories

B-Line BB2 Telescoping Bracket

Prefab Made Easy

Eaton’s B-Line series BB2 telescoping box mounting bracket and box mounting kit allow you to prefabricate electrical assemblies for a super-speedy install. The bracket is secured with two screws instead of the prior industry standard of four. Plus, with a trusty tool-less mounting clip, you can securely mount boxes anywhere along the bracket. Forget messing around inside the box to attach the bracket. Not today. You have more important things to do.

Tough. Rigid. Versatile.

Need to switch between 1-1/2" and 2-1/8" depth boxes? No problem. Just bend the bracket flange end along the specially indicated bend marks, and you’re good to go. When you need to mount multi-gang boxes, 5" square boxes, masonry boxes, and speaker and strobe boxes, simply cut and bend the flange end of the bracket. The BB2 telescoping box mounting bracket withstands rigorous drywall installation and stays firmly affixed to the studs.

To ensure the box won’t budge, the mounting clips stay securely attached to the bracket too. For added support for pipes and conduits, just snap the tool-less clamp into place. Using the clamp to support copper pipes, Eaton offers a B-Line series insulator to provide protection from differing metals.

Eaton’s B-Line series BB2 Telescoping Bracket and Accessories. The versatile, tough, time-saving solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Only 2 screws required to mount to stud for 1-1/2" and 2-1/8" box depths.
  • Cut and bend flange ends to mount 5” square, multi-gang, speaker/strobe, and masonry boxes. Marked bend slots for mounting 1-1⁄2" and 2-1⁄8" box depths.
  • Pipe/conduit clamps provide support anywhere between the stud and require no hardware to install
  • Attach the electrical box to the bracket with the tool-less box mounting clip—no hardware needed.
  • Increased rigidity through center groove design.
  • Copper pipe insulator provides protection from differing metals.


[VIDEO] Telescoping Box Mounting Bracket and Accessories Overview Video
[PDF] B-Line BB2 Telescoping Box Mounting Bracket Flyer
[PDF] B-Line Telescoping Bracket and Box Mounting Clip Instruction
[PDF] B-Line Conduit Clamp for BB2 Telescoping Bracket Instruction

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