Video: 4 Sided Functionality with 4Dimension Strut System from Eaton B-Line

B-Line by Eaton introduces a new strut system, the 4Dimension strut system. It's unique and different from the traditional 1 5/8" strut because you actually have four side functionality when you use the 4D22, due to the unique dovetail feature. Or you have two side functionality when you use the 4D21.

We did design several innovative channel nuts that can engage into the dovetail at any location. The twirl nut can take out, put in and engage. We have a slide in nut can you can slide into the end of all four sides so it engages in your dovetail. It will also engage into your open channel.

During design, we received a lot of feedback. The continuous slot is consistent with the 1 5/8" strut. Your traditional fittings like a spring channel nut still work, along with all your flat fittings that will engage. You have the capability of using 90 percent of our traditional fittings on the new strut system.

Taking productivity, efficiency and safety into consideration, the product is 10 percent lighter than traditional 1 5/8" even though it has a slightly larger profile, it will be lighter and stronger. From a safety and a labor productive standpoint, We came up with two trapeze solutions. The first trapeze solution is a Flip Clip solution. You're able to pre-install this at ground level or back at the job site. Slides into the two ends of your trapeze. From there you thread your hex nuts and basically slides onto your thread rod over your hex nuts. Up to 30 percent faster than your traditional method for installing using a hex nut and square washer. The second solution from a trapeze standpoint that we designed is our two piece turn and lock. With this, you use the SA tool. You're able to put the two pieces in, again it can be done at ground level or back at the job site. When you go over, you don't need a hex nut for this, so you can install this up to 50 percent faster because there is no threading of the hex nut. Once you get it into location, it is a quick quarter turn and it is gauged safely onto your thread rod.

B-Line developed a dovetail bar that comes in three different lengths, so you can make back-to-back if you need that type of offset. If you're using SH channel, it slides in place and actually has a mechanical stop with this spring. Then you're able to engage and able to make back-to-back channel or any kind of offset combination very quickly in the field. So if you're on the jobsite and need an offset, you don't have to order a special welded part. You can just create it yourself in the field just using one accessory.

We redesigned our pipe clamps. Traditional pipe clamps only can engage in the open channel of your strut. If you have space constraints sometimes you have to use a welded back-to-back trapeze solution to save on space. Our new pipe clamp engages on the open channel of the new 4Dimension strut. It also engages in the open channel of your traditional 1 5/8" strut. You can also reverse the side, and now you can engage on all four sides of your channel so you can have top and bottom capability. Now you're talking material savings. You can go from a double layer trapeze hanger using traditional 1 5/8" strut where you're only able to bolt to one side. Now you can bolt to both sides using the 4D 21 or 4D 22 so you're taking out half of your channel material and you're able to utilize labor savings installation. So you're able to save time and material using the new 4Dimension strut.