Video: Introducing L.H. Dottie's first and only UL-listed pipe support system on the market

Introducing L.H. Dottie’s first and only UL-listed pipe support system on the market. Pipe support system is made up of a light construction ABS and AES. It can be cut to length which saves the contractor money on the job. Budget requirements are what they are so this helps the contractor stay within budget. It’s a non-corrosive and high-UV rated pipe support system. L.H. Dottie utilizes a new technology of a dual channel:

  1. You can utilize the standard conventional strut clamps and accessories and
  2. Flip it over and now you have a 3H channel that you can utilize many variations of Dottie pipe hangers and fasteners.

As little as four inches of our UL-listed product can support up to 522 pounds. One feature is staging the product on the rooftop. It comes in four-foot lengths and is easily carried through a hatch getting up to your rooftop and then at that point you can start carving it down to the sections that you need for the jobsite. Remember that the Dottie support system is the first and only UL-listed product for rooftop installations to support pipe, cut to length, high UV resistance, high/low capacities and easily staged on top of a roof.