Reduce Costs, Not Performance, With Dottie's Cut to Length Pipe Supports

Dottie Pipe Supports

Is Your Project Hemorrhaging Money?

Pipe and material costs add up quickly. And equipment and labor costs add insult to injury. To stay ahead of the game, slashing costs is critical. To get the job done right, specifiers and contractors need reliable pipe supports that streamline costs and timelines. You need products that pull their weight and work the way they should—without gobbling up the entire budget.

Achieve More With Less

Dottie’s Cut to Length Pipe Supports feature built-in dual-channel technology, for the most versatile pipe support in the industry. Strut clamps can be fastened to the large channel, while conduit hangers and leveling systems can be fastened to the smaller channel.

[PDF] Dottie Cut to Length Pipe Support Brochure

[VID] Introducing L.H. Dottie’s first and only UL-listed pipe support system on the market

With Dottie’s Cut to Length Pipe Support, you can use shorter lengths—cut from a four-foot section—to achieve your project’s design requirements. Let’s say a competitive block is 10- or 12-inches long. If five support points are required, you’d have to use five blocks (or 50 to 60 inches). If the design doesn’t exceed 500 pounds on each block, you could cut five four-inch blocks for a total of 20 inches.

Those are the numbers, if you do the math: You save money when you use only the materials you need.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • The first and only UL Listed pipe support in the industry
  • Constructed of high-strength polymers ABS and AES, for increased structural support and UV resistance
  • Comes at a standard length of four feet, and is easily cut to required specifications
  • Lightweight and highly resistant material for an extremely durable product
  • A single four-inch support has a load resistance of 522 lbs.