Standard Wall-Mount Enclosure Installs with One Person

Chatsworth's new Standard Wall-Mount Enclosure is unique because it can be installed with a single person rather than two or three people.

The Wall-Mount Enclosure uses a slot-and-hook installation method. The back plane attaches to the wall and then everything else simply snaps together – very simple to install.

This comes in a 6 rack unit, 9 rack unit or 12 rack unit version, either 19" or 23" off the wall.

You can get standard wire management, fan kits and power strips to go with the enclosure. It comes with a Plexiglass door, but you can get a solid door; it comes with keyed locks or you can get it with electronic locks.

The Standard Wall-Mount Enclosure comes in white or black, or it can be painted to match whatever color you need.

For the contractor who normally has to send an enclosure out to a job site, this enclosure can ship knocked down, which makes it very easy to install because of the way it's manufactured.

[PDF] Chatsworth Standard Wall-Mount Enclosure Data Sheet

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