• Reduce Labor & Installation By At Least 70 Percent: The Clik-Nut Hardware Kit From Chatsworth Products

    Time is money, especially where Total Cost of Install (TCI) is concerned. But when you’re fumbling around with standard cage nut hardware, it feels like time is slipping through your fingers. With the Clik-Nut™ Hardware Kit from Chatsworth Products (CPI), you’ll slash labor and installation time by at least 70 percent. On the TCI front, that’s a definite win.


  • Efficient Data Center Cooling and Climate Management in the Age of the IoT

    With the continuous advancement of cloud computing and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), modern enterprise data centers are having to push limits to provide uninterrupted service of the highest quality. Data center managers have to be more proactive than ever, restructuring their strategies to allow for greater capacity and expansion across the various areas of IT infrastructure. Read more.


  • The Smart, High-Density PDU: Chatsworth Products' eConnect Locking Outlets with Click Secure Technology

    Whether you’re perfecting your golf swing or getting installs done better and faster, you’re always striving for improvement. Well, so is Chatsworth Products. eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) deliver the same performance you’ve come to expect from Chatsworth, now with Click Secure Technology. This cutting-edge feature ensures that power cords stay securely fastened to IEC outlets. So you can be confident that power is protected from sudden interruptions.


  • [VID] Standard Wall-Mount Enclosure Installs with One Person

    The Wall-Mount Enclosure uses a slot-and-hook installation method. The back plane attaches to the wall and then everything else simply snaps together – very simple to install.


  • [VID] Chatsworth Adjustable Cable Runway Simplifies Moves, Adds and Changes

    Adjustable Cable Runway features unique, movable Cross Members, which allow components and accessories to be installed at various points along the runway, simplifying the alignment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers.


  • [VID] Make Waterfall Changes with Bolt In Universal Runway from Chatsworth

    Chatsworth's bolt in Universal Runway gives you a lot of flexibility to change the run wherever you need it. On the universal runway, you're literally able to take the waterfall off and put it onto existing systems or the universal system, and it can drop on.


  • [VID] A Locking Mechanism That's Part of the Receptacle, Not The Plug from Chatsworth

    The locking mechanism on Chatsworth's new locking receptacle is part of the receptacle and not a part of the plug, so you can use the same plug and same cords that you've always used. It locks onto the body of the outlet or cord without any additional components.


  • [VID] Chatsworth Lets You Select and Stock Your Runs

    One of the key things that Chatsworth showcased at BICSI 2016 was their adjustable runway. You can stock the horizontal runs and based on what your needs are: 6", 9", 12" or 18" wide raceway, you can select those runs and stock those.


  • The Simple Solution For High-Density Cabling: Evolution Cable Management From Chatsworth Products

    The first-ever computer took up a monstrous 100 feet of space. Today’s PCs, sorcery compared to those first mainframe systems, can practically fit in your pocket. But complex IT infrastructures mean making space for a boatload of hardware and cabling instead. Evolution Cable Management, designed for modern-day data centers, provides an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications.


  • Advanced Racks, Cable Management & Cable Pathway Solutions

    From racks to cables, cords, and pathways, there’s a lot to keep track of in the data center. And shrinking floor space, changing infrastructure, and rigorous requirements complicate matters further. You can rely on Chatsworth for racks, cable management, and cable pathways built for today’s needs and tomorrow’s requirements.