The Simple Solution For High-Density Cabling: Evolution® Cable Management From Chatsworth Products

Chatsworth Evolution Cable Management

Built For Today’s Data Center

Your data center customers expect quality products that simplify network maintenance, and support future growth and cabling demands. Chatsworth has answered that call with an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications. Roll out the red carpet for Evolution Cable Management. With enhanced interior features that maximize cable capacity and function, this baby makes managing high-density cabling infrastructure easier than ever.

Cable Management Simplified

CPI Cable Management products create vertical and front-to-rear cable pathways, and horizontal managers offer several styles of 19” EIA rack-mount with varying options of cable support. Select from a variety of managers to suit your specific application and budget.

CPI Cable Management products also support high-density connections on large modular network switches. With sturdy cable guides and large openings, you’ll easily manage larger cables with up to 48 patch cords per U. Plus, a wide range of accessories divide the interior space, creating a separate interior pathway for fiber cables. If you’re in the market for superior cable management, look no further than CPI Cable Management products.

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed for high-density, Cat 6a and fiber cabling
  • Market-leading size and strength
  • Available in sizes up to 15”W (380 mm)
  • Available in single-sided, double-sided, combination, and horizontal models
  • Patented Movable Mid-Sections maximize flexibility and function
  • Innovative cable bundle management and fiber segregation capabilities
  • Match the appearance of the popular TeraFrame® family of cabinets, for a unified and professional appearance
  • Panels are available to protect cables and to create a clean, sleek look
[PDF] Chatsworth Evolution Cable Management Data Sheet
[PDF] Chatsworth Evolution Cable Management FAQ

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