Video: Chatsworth BTS Pack Containment System Saves on Installation Time

We've just came out with our BTS pack. It's a containment system and it really addresses three elements that happen in a data center space right now. And the first is that within the next year, 30 to 50 percent of all data centers are going to run out of power. Also in the majority of data centers, 4 times as much cooling is being provided to the equipment than is actually needed. And also this addresses the contractor issues on site of an existing data center space of how to build a containment system with very minimal labor and ease of installation. The BTS pack addresses all three of those items.

The genius of the entire system is that it only takes eight parts to put the entire kit together. For the contractor, that's obviously ease of installation. When we design it, we design it with the contractor. They'll give us a dimension and the number of cabinets it will need to contain. We then provide them a kit that basically lands on site on an 8 x 4 foot pallet with everything they need. What Chatsworth also does is build in 20 percent overage on the estimate of what the contractor will need. So the contractor's risk is lessened; they can build to suit around any kind of cabinet we're cabinet agnostic, and so it's an extremely efficient solution that can be installed quickly, easily, save the contractor labor time and have a great solution for the end user.