The Flexible, Space-Saving, Easy-Install Solution: Corning Wall Mount Connector Housings (WCH)

Corning Wall Mount Connector and Single Panel Housings

Simple, Accurate Installation

With Corning’s WCH, time’s on your side. This handy solution requires 65 percent fewer tools for housing installations, for a speedy install. When paired with CCH pigtailed splice cassettes, you need fewer parts and splice installation is 40 percent faster. The vertical logo orientation allows the housing to be mounted 180 degrees. So no matter which space-saving mounting option you choose, the logo’s legible. For your convenience, everything arrives in a fully equipped box.

The WCH That Works Smarter

With a new-and-improved design, Corning’s WCH is a powerhouse in functionality, flexibility, capability and risk reduction. With 100 percent configurable routing options, there’s a customized solution for every application. The WCH is also secure and easy to operate: The clear jumper door aids inspection, assessment and testing, for easy troubleshooting. For enhanced safety, the WCH also features a quarter-turn latch to lock both doors, with additional lock kits available. With Corning’s WCH, you’ll save on time, tools, parts and space.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Install Time—WCH-02P, WCH-04P and WCH-06P compatibility with CCH pigtailed splice cassettes, for easier splice options and 40% faster installation
  • Consolidated Ordering Process—Fewer parts and tools means a simpler process and less to manage
  • Save Space—Wall-mountable design with a vertically printed logo, for multiple space-saving mounting options
  • 100% Configurable Routing Options— Fully customizable for your application
  • Better Separation of Fiber and Cable—Stay organized with buffer tube and the subunit routing area
  • User-Friendly Strain Relief—Cable strain relief, a jumper management bar, and removable strain-relief brackets offer more efficient cable management
  • Fast and Accurate Mounting—With integrated bubble level
  • Smooth Finish—Allows for better sticker adhesion and better port labeling


  • LAN-1767-AEN – The LANscape® SPH What’s in it for you?
  • LAN-1796-AEN – The LANscape® WCH What’s in it for you? (WCH-04P and WCH-06P features)
  • LAN-1797-AEN – The LANscape® WCH What’s in it for you? (WCH-02P features)