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For years, the installation of cable networks' field connectors was a fairly time-consuming process. To ensure the seamless flow of data-forming light, each hair-thin strand of glass fiber had to be glued into a connector. Technicians had to tote along portable ovens to heat-cure the special epoxy.

Corning UniCam Fiber Optic Connectors and Installation Tool Kit

After waiting for the connector to finish curing, the technician would clean and polish the components by hand to ensure the pristine surface required for optical transmission.

On average, it took six to eight minutes to terminate a single connector. Results varied widely, based on the skill of the technician. As recently as the mid-1990s, that’s just how it was. A lot has changed since then. Customers and end users rely on data that’s faster, more reliable, and better than ever before.

Fiber optic cabling is in high demand, and someone needs to install and connect it fast! Whether you’re connecting fiber optic cable for military, transportation, or commercial applications, you need a solution that’s quick, easy to install, and performs the way it should.

Connecting Fiber Optic Cable In A Snap

With 50 million connectors installed and counting, the UniCam is an almost 20-year old success story. In fact, Corning invented “no-epoxy/no-polish” (NENP) fiber optic connector technology. Seen in government, technology firms, high finance—and just about everywhere in between—the UniCam connector is renowned for its high-quality optical performance. (Think single-fiber, fusion-splicing levels and lightning-quick installation.)

UniCam’s simple, intuitive design is appropriate for technicians of all levels—even that rookie recruit you just hired. What’s more, UniCam connectors come with a 100% yield guarantee on installation—if performance isn’t up to snuff, Corning will replace your connector, free of charge.

5 Reasons to use UniCam Connectors

  • UniCam Connectors install in less than a minute, great for projects where time is critical
  • They are easy and intuitive to install, ideal for less-experienced technicians
  • UniCam Connectors do not require expensive equipment or ongoing consumable purchases
  • Even with single-mode fiber, fusion splicing levels of optical performance are possible
  • Only UniCam Connectors offer a 100% yield guarantee



Enhanced UniCam High-Performance Tool Kit Specification Sheet PDF
[PDF] Corning UniCam High-Performance Tool Kit Component Ordering Guide

White Paper: UniCam® Connector Performance for High Data Rate and Analog Systems

This white paper discusses system testing that demonstrates the ability of field-terminated single-mode UniCam Connectors to reliably support high-data-rate digital (10G, 40G) and analog video systems in a manner equivalent to spliced factory-manufactured connectorized pigtails.

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Corning WP UniCam Connector Performance for High Data Rate and Analog Systems