Corning Optical Communications UniCam® High-Performance Installation Tool Kit

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Corning Optical Communications UniCam High-Performance Tool Kit makes installing fiber-optic UniCam Connectors fast and easy with reduced risk of scrap, installation time, and labor costs.

Redesigned to add more intuitive functionality, the UniCam Installation Tool Kit allows even newly trained technicians to install UniCam Connectors in less than a minute, achieving a guaranteed 0.5 dB maximum performance! And installers with all skill levels can benefit from this intuitive tooling kit – making virtually error-free, ultra high-quality termination possible with innovative, craft-friendly installation tools.



Enhanced UniCam High-Performance Tool Kit Specification Sheet PDF

Features and benefits of Corning Field-Installable Fiber Optic Connector Tool Kits, including comparison charts.

Features at a Glance

  • Molded-in, left-to-right tool use storage layout speeds up project set up and tear down
  • Built-in billboard “guide” indicates which tools to use and when
  • Tools are numbered and color-coded to correspond to each installation step
  • Hand-held installation tool with integrated troubleshooter and color-coded buttons reduces risk of scrap, installation time and labor
  • High-contrast fiber lead-in area makes it easier to insert prepared fiber
  • Wider crimp jaws make it easier to load connector into the tool and are black to improve visibility while inserting the prepared fiber
  • Strip length measurement guide built into the case surface
  • Etching on the visual fault locator adapters make it easy to identify which adapter is needed
  • Precision cleaver with fiber handlers ensures fiber is cleaved to correct length for proper termination
  • All-in-one, three-hole stripping tool for fiber, jacketed cable
  • Step-by-step visual instructions with QR code links to videos create a faster learning curve and reduce downtime
  • Tools open for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Lightweight carrying case with stock of consumables for proper cleaning included

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