Video: Strip Cable Fast with Corning ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess® Technology

Corning was asked by Graybar to highlight a product that helps you, the contractor, either be more efficient, safe or productive. Fortunately, we've got a product that meets all three of those needs. We call it ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology.

We were watching the contractor work on the jobsite and we recognize that contractors were stripping cable the same they have for 20 years, using either very dangerous hook blades or proprietary stripping tools. In fact, what we were finding was that it was more of an art form than it was a skill. Many times the contractor would either cut the cable too deep, thereby cuttings lots of cable away or cutting the contractor themselves which is in fact very dangerous.

We launched this new cable design, ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology, that allows the contractor to strip the cable down to the glass, up to 50% faster than a traditional design and dramatically reduces overall risk to the cable plant itself and the installers.

So first and foremost: how do you know you have it? It’s printed on the cable; so no guessing. You can see on the cable print itself, it’ll say ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology.

At Graybar this is a standard cable design for all dielectric cables with Corning, so you’ll have it there. You’ll also notice along the edges of the cable there are what we call locator ridges, and these ridges will help the contractor identify where to start stripping the cable.

Let me demonstrate how it works. I’ll need to take a simple pair of side cutters; you can use needle nose pliers as well and start to cut along the top of the cable. Once I cut the cable, I can use those same tools and begin to peel the cable back, like you might peel a banana or an ear of corn. Once I get it started with this pair of pliers, then it’s pretty simple from there. I’ll peel the other side back, and begin to peel. And just like that: no rip cord, no sharp tools, and from this point all I need to do is snip off the sides. And just like that, a process that used to take 4-5 minutes, 10 minutes, is now under a minute.

Now all of our all dielectric outside plant cables have this technology, standard at Graybar and can be used on any job site. The obvious question is: what do I give up? The fact is you’re not giving up anything. We would't launch the cable without making sure that the cable meets all the design criteria, entry specs and all the reliability that you've come to expect from Corning. Learn more about ALTOS Cables.