Tight Space? Corning's SPH-01P is the Perfect Fit

Corning SPH-01P Wall Mount

Greater Fiber Capacity & Management

With Corning’s SPH-01P, it’s easy to store, protect, and terminate optical fiber cables in indoor applications with minimal mounting space. Corning’s SPH-01P can be triple ganged to provide up to 3x the splicing capacity with 3x the space savings. Plus, the housing unit features a 1.5-inch frontal projection, making it the perfect fit for tight spaces. Up to three independent SPH-01P housings can be stacked to function as one wall-mount unit, for capacity expansion that doesn’t waste wall space.

Expansion Without Compromise

Corning’s SPH-01P delivers 100 percent subunit cable management, with a built-in splice tray and routing guides. With the housing’s completely adhesive-less splice organizer, installation is quick, easy, and clean. (Save the sticky tape and glue for your kid’s craft projects.) For mid-span access and environmental sealing, top and bottom cable entry grommets are provided.

Versatility. Durability. Protection.

The built-in splice tray with routing guides offers segregation and protection of cable and fiber for installation and future MAC work. The rugged black metal housing can be used for cross-connect, splice management, or both for up to 12 single fiber heat-shrink splices. If needed, the enhanced splice organizer can accommodate up to six ribbon heat-shrink splices.

Corning’s SPH-01P can be mounted in a variety of orientations, including a DIN rail mounting option. That means fiber protection and connectivity in standard wall mounting applications and control cabinet/electronic applications too. Single Panel Housing SPH-01P from Corning Optical Communications. The smart solution for indoor wall-mount applications where space is at a premium.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for locations where space is tight, such as open office, wiring closets, and building entrance terminals
  • Splice management and/or cross-connect for greater versatility
  • Black metal construction for durability and protection
  • Top and bottom cable entry grommets for mid-span access and environmental sealing
  • Ease of cable assembly installation (accepts Plug & Play™ Universal Systems clip)
  • Built-in routing guide (for inner and outer routing)
  • New hinges allow the housing to be stacked for optimized scalability (up to three housings)
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[PDF] Corning Single-Panel Housing Product Spec
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