Corning Pretium EDGE® Tap Module

Corning Pretium Edge Tap Module

A complete solution for data centers and storage area networks, the Pretium EDGE Tap Module affords fully-integrated passive port tapping that reduces link and insertion loss and minimizes downtime without using additional rack space.

The Pretium EDGE eliminates the downtime required to insert taps into live network links. The module essentially divides the data signal into two outputs – one to the live feed, the other to the monitoring device – with no replication, additional electronics or power requirements. Instead of simply becoming another component in the structured cabling footprint, the device integrates into it, allowing administrators to add and remove monitored ports without disrupting the live link. Also, users get fully-optimized attenuation and full duplex monitoring without oversubscription.

Unlike standalone LC-based tap devices, the Pretium EDGE features rear-exiting tap ports that eliminate the need to dedicate a switch port to tapping. This "zero-U" feature saves rack space. And engineers do not need to configure the switch or reconfigure it during network refreshes or other maintenance.

The Pretium EDGE Tap Module is available with OM4 50 micron multimode fiber and OS2 single-mode fiber in a range of live/tap split ratios.

For more information on Corning's Pretium EDGE Tap Module, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative.

Features of the Pretium EDGE Tap Module

  • Advanced splitter technology maintains equal modal power distribution, reduces link and insertion loss
  • Rear-exiting tap ports for higher revenue generation per rack unit
  • MTP® Connector-based rear ports enable the use of trunks or harnesses vs. individual LC jumpers – consolidate, organize and maximize equipment, usage and error management
  • Integrates into structured cabling, eliminating the new connection between patch panel and monitoring devices – switch monitored ports without disruptionor downtime
  • Universal polarity management eliminates frustration of flipping connector pairs or modules

How to Test a Pretium EDGE Port Tap Module