Corning LANscape® Passive Optical LAN Solutions

Corning Passive Optical LAN Solution

Dramatically reduce both the installation and operating costs of your in-building local area network (LAN) by deploying passive optical LAN (POL). A POL uses optical splitters and optical network terminals instead of access switches to provide connectivity to and throughout each floor of a building. This all-optical infrastructure enables a tremendous amount of network traffic over a reduced-footprint, lightweight optical cabling infrastructure and eliminates the electronics typically deployed at the access layer in traditional copper-based in-building networks.

Corning LANscape® Passive Optical LAN solutions were designed specifically for high-density, often-changing enterprise networks, like office buildings and campuses. Optical splitter technology is integrated into hardware, fiber optic cabling and connectivity that were designed specifically for enterprise networks. No special hardware or connector requirements; use the products you enjoy in your LAN today.

Why Choose LANscape® Passive Optical LAN Solutions?

  • Compatible with LANscape Solutions hardware: Allows integration of POL with existing infrastructure; the splitter can be installed in a variety of hardware designs, allowing it to be placed where it's needed in the network
  • ClearCurve® Fiber solution: Best bend performance on the market enables trouble-free operation over the network lifetime
  • Preterminated and field-terminated options: Match installation method to network design requirements
  • Secure options: LANscape Solutions hardware support for unique government requirements for Alarmed Protected Distributed Systems (alarmed PDS)