The Cable That Packs a Punch: Corning's MiniXtend® Cable with Binderless FastAccess® Technology

Corning MiniXtend Cable with Binderless FastAccess

More for Less

The need for bandwidth is increasingly rapidly; is your customers’ business up to speed with the latest in cable innovation? If congested legacy conduits are keeping you up at night Corning Optical Communications’ MiniXtend Cable with Binderless FastAccess Technology may be the answer. This micro cable addresses your customers’ bandwidth needs and is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than traditional loose tube cable. A smaller cable allows for higher density, and the MiniXtend’s cable jacket is easily accessed with less risk of fiber damaged. Installation and repair times decrease dramatically with Corning’s MiniXtend Cables, lowering deployment and maintenance costs. Optimized for air-assisted installation in microducts, Corning’s microcable can be easily deployed in a variety of locations. The value compounds over time: MiniXtend Cables are long-lasting with low risk for inadvertent fiber damage.

Meeting the Need for Increased Bandwidth

Despite its small size, Corning’s MiniXtend Cable provides twice as many fibers as traditional cables. Using Corning’s industry-leading SMF-28 Ultra fiber, signal reach is increased by up to 10% compared to traditional fiber types, and coverage increases by up to 20% when served by a central office or point-of-presence.

The SMF-28 Ultra fiber is remarkable also for its improved attenuation and bend performance; Corning’s powerful fiber surpasses the stringent requirements of ITU-T G.657.A1 recommendations.

Features and Benefits

  • MiniXtend is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than traditional loose tube cables
  • Reduces cable access time up to 70% for faster field performance
  • Small cable outside diameter enables higher density and lower deployment costs
  • Contains SMF-28 Ultra fiber for improved attenuation and bend performance
  • Cable is optimized for air-assisted (jetted) installation in microducts
[PDF] Corning MiniXtend Cable Jacket and Buffer Tube Removal Procedures

Webinar: Smaller Cables, Bigger Possibilities (On-Demand)

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