Corning Centrix™ Platform

Corning Centrix Platform

Corning's Centrix™ platform is a high-density fiber management system that provides a balance of industry-leading density with innovative jumper routing. The system can be deployed in multiple applications including: central office, headend, FTTx, FTTCS and data center.

At the foundation of the Centrix platform is a single, modular cassette that can be tailored to include a variety of optical devices (splitter, WDM, etc). The modular cassette provides flexibility and functionality within a single frame without sacrificing density.

The Centrix platform supports up to 4,320 LC or 2,880 SC connector ports per standard 7-ft frame/2200 mm. The frame design provides optimized routing paths for jumpers, reducing the risk of pileup or entanglement. A single jumper length for an in-frame, cross-connect network design reduces jumper inventory.

The Centrix platform is available with both rear or front cable access. Front cable access allows back-to-back frame configurations or mounting against a wall. Both frame configurations save space through increased port density.

  • Supports 4,320 LC or 2,880 SC ports per frame – Saves space through increased port density
  • Available in rear cable access –Designed in compliance with GR-449-CORE, Issue 3 standards
  • Modular cassette design – Enables one platform for many application spaces e.g. central office, headend, FTTx, FTTCS and data center
  • Increased jumper routing space –Supports 2,880 standard 2.0-mm jumpers or 4,320 standard 1.6-mm jumpers
  • Available in front cable access – Allows for back-to-back frame configuration
[PDF] Corning Centrix Platform Spec Sheet