Relieve Routing, Strain, Splicing and Labeling Concerns

Corning CCH Hardware Family

Closet Connector Housings (CCH) from Corning Optical Communications and Graybar address contractors' concerns about fiber and cable routing, strain relief, splicing and port labeling. The redesigned housings feature more than two dozen innovative features that make installing and troubleshooting fiber optic connectivity faster, easier and more cost-effective. In fact, each housing can save installers up to 60 percent in preparation and installation time. In addition, this improved CCH hardware helps make day-one troubleshooting and MACs faster and easier than ever before.

From component design to materials, our CCH hardware is easier to see into, work within and get out of – all without disturbing connectivity. And like all LANscape Solutions hardware, the newly redesigned CCH hardware family accepts the CCH panels you already use. Your Graybar representative has all the facts.

Features at a Glance

Easier Routing Corning Easier Routing

  • Removable covers (1U-3U: 2 piece Lexan; 4U: rear)
  • 1U-3U: Smoked Lexan see-through covers
  • 4U: Platinum-painted interior reflects light
  • Housings segregate areas for buffer tube installation and fiber routing for easy installation
  • Internal strain relief and fiber routing clip eliminate tangles; easier access of individual components later
  • Molded-in illustrations make proper – and aesthetic – routing obvious and easy to follow
  • Jumper management:
    • 1U-3U – Built into sliding shelf, extend forward from front
    • 4U – Tapered with lower profile, higher capacity
    • 1U-3U – Jumper manager radius protects bend radius
    • 1U-3U – Prevents jumper from coming out of the manager when shelf is moved
  • 4U: Over-molded grommet maintains bend radius
  • New hardware allows for splicing in the housing

Better Splicing Capability Corning Slack cable storage

  • Splice cassettes provide protection, molded-in routing illustrations and slack cable storage in a single compact footprint
  • Ensure sealed protection, proper splice routing
  • Can be individually installed, accessed without disturbing adjacent cassettes
  • A 4U can be fully populated (288 F) with splices
  • Order "kitted" with pigtails and panels pre-installed, pre-stripped, pre-routed within cassette

Improves Strain Relief Corning Strain relief brackets

  • Use simple cable ties or hook and loop fasteners – no cumbersome mechanical clamp
  • Removable strain-relief brackets "get the cable out of the way" during routing or re-access
  • Brackets attach quickly; simply snap into place without tools
  • Accommodates a range of sizes and numbers of cables
  • Brackets use T-slots and cable tie bridges for easy future cable adds

More Labeling Options Corning Labeling options and locations

  • Three labeling options and locations
  • Excel-based, online templates can be applied to standard office labels
[PDF] Corning CCH Spec Sheet
Corning CCH Features and Benefits