Corning Optical Communications ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess® Technology

Corning ALTOS Cable FastAccess Technology

At 12,500 feet above ground level, a ripcord may be your best friend.
But when it comes to cable prep, ripcords only add time and tools. Corning’s ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology can be stripped up to 50 percent faster than traditional cables. There’s no ripcord required. Thanks to our innovative technology, accessing outside plant cable just got a lot easier.

It’s ready when you are.

  • Graybar inventories a wide variety of fiber counts and fiber types (62.5 μm, 50 μm, single-mode) across all locations
Reduces risk, decreases cost and increases revenue.
  • Reduces cable prep by at least 50 percent the time required to access standard outside plant cable
  • Simple access and clean up thanks to its fully water-blocked loose tube gel-free design
  • Reduces overall risk of inadvertent fiber damage as well as risk to installers from sharp cable access tools
Industry-standard performance.
  • Meets the requirements of Telcordia GR-20, Issue 3 and ICEA S-87-640
  • Ready for any application including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Rugged, durable medium-density polyethylene jacket provides superior protection against UV radiation, fungus, abrasion and other environmental factors
All of the protection and ruggedness you expect from an outside plant cable, and yet it peels away on command. It's cable access made easy. Downright elegant. Maybe even a little fun.

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