Corning's 8-Fiber Solution for Data Centers

The Corning EDGE8 solution is the newest data center product that Corning has. This solution will support a migration path for a higher bandwidth: 40G, 100G and 400G. If you talk to any tranceiver or switch server, they're going to tell you that the path for that migration is a 2-fiber or 8-fiber solution. EDGE8 is an 8-fiber solution for the data center in supporting that migration path for the higher bandwidth.

So you have all the different 1U housing and 4U housing. The EDGE8 module has an MTP that will give you an LC connection in the front. Everything is labeled and identified with the 8-fiber. The ports on the patch panel are used with your MTP jumper to connect from the transceiver to your backbone.

We have the MTP trunks with pins because it doesn't matter what design you're deploying in your data center, you're always going to use one sku, meaning only one part number and that part number will be a non pin/no pin MTP jumper.

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