Cost-Saving Replacements for Traditional Lighting Sources

The Lumark Quadcast™ LED Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business provides economical, high performing, energy saving LED, one-for-one replacement for traditional HID, fluorescent and induction light sources.

Lumark Quadcast

Lumark Quadcast™ LED Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire offers seamless integration into existing or new spaces with super bright energy-efficient LEDs. Its low profile, rugged construction and quick-mount easy installation – along with stainless steel hardware – make Quadcast the right choice for illuminating parking garages (bays, drive lanes and pedestrian walkway areas), canopy, low-bay and stairwell installations.

Quadcast is qualified for DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) utility rebate approval for parking garages, provides up to 80 percent in energy savings over traditional HID and is value priced to compete with comparable HID fixtures while lasting 60,000 hours.

Optional features include field install on/off occupancy sensors, and pendant bird guard.

Quadcast Value-added features

  • Quick and Easy Installation – The top housing integrates a universal mounting plate, with built-in click and lock tab-release feature. The easy-to-install features allow for free hand wiring and is locked into place with captive stainless steel hardware. There’s no need to open the fixture to install it. Quadcast is suitable for mounting to a surface-mounted j-box or to a rigid or free swing pendant.
  • High-Performing, Energy Saving Solution – Quadcast delivers 4365 lumens, which is equivalent to comparable 150/175W metal halide, two 54W T5, two 32W T8 and 85W induction lamp fixtures. Quadcast consumes 56W, providing up to 80 percent energy savings over HID. Quadcast luminaires maintain greater than 90 percent of initial light output after 60,000 hours of operation.
  • Patent Pending Optical Design – Quadcast optical light panels are constructed of patent pending, high temperature acrylic. An array of 4000K (CCT) LEDs is optimally positioned to meet multiple lighting applications. Quadcast optical panels are IP66 rated and are silicone sealed to prevent entry of water and debris. Each light panel is field adjustable to rotate from 0° to 150° and features visual 15° adjustment indicators and an Allen™-head locking feature for precise aiming from straight down to indirect canopy illumination.
  • Quality Construction, Multiple Options and Certifications – Quadcast features a heavy-duty, low-profile 3.5 in., two-piece steel housing. The lower housing incorporates a cross-hatch design pattern and is hinged, incorporating magnetic tip captive stainless steel hardware. The four light panel bars are constructed of anodized extruded aluminum with integral heat-sink fins and IP66 rated light panel optical assembly. UL rated for temperatures from -30°C to 40°C. Voltage options include 120V to 277V 50/60 Hz. or 347V 60 Hz. Quadcast is qualified for DesignLights Consortium (DLC) utility rebate approval.

For a wide variety of applications and mounting heights, Cooper Lighting's HBLed is an outstanding value. Precision-designed optics combined with multiple distributions, lumen outputs and color temperatures make the energy-efficient HBLed the ideal solution for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, gymnasium and other applications that utilize traditional HID and linear fluorescent high-bays. The proprietary low-power, low-brightness LED module assembly offers exceptional optical performance, equivalent to or greater than fluorescent systems, with the enhanced benefits of LED lighting – energy savings, extended system life and a reduced carbon footprint. All this with cost savings up to 40 percent less than traditional HID luminaires.

Ask your Graybar representative for all the facts about these outstanding products from Cooper Lighting.


HBLed Features

  • General and aisle distributions
  • 4000K / 5000K
  • 80+ CRI
  • 90+ lm/W
  • 55°C ambient rating
  • 9,000/18,000/23,000 lumen packages

Lumark Quadcast LED Applications and ROI Guide PDF

An industry-first quadrant of precise-aiming adjustable optical light panels, coupled with unparalleled energy savings and easy payback make Quadcast LED the ideal solution for parking garage, canopy, stairwell or low-bay installations.

Lumark Quadcast LED Brochure

Forged with industry-leading universal functionality, the Quadcast LED Parking and Canopy Luminaire delivers energy-efficient optical control in a compact, low-profile rugged form with easy installation features.

Lumark Quadcast LED Installation Instructions PDF

Cooper Lighting Quadcast luminaires are designed for outdoor, wet location use not to exceed 40˚C ambient. Approved for ceiling/surface, parking garage, canopy, stairwell, low bay and rigid and free swing pendant applications.

Quadcast LED Spec Sheet PDF

Cooper Lighting Quadcast Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire applications, construction, optical, electrical, finishes and warranty.

Lumark Quadcast LED Parking/Canopy One Sheet PDF

Cooper Lighting Quadcast Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire applications, construction, optical, electrical, finishes and warranty.