McGraw-Edison TopTier™ LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire

Cooper Lighting McGraw TopTier LED Parking Luminaire

The McGraw-Edison TopTier from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business is an LED lighting solution for environments where truly effective lighting is essential for safety and security. The TopTier employs the latest lighting technology for uniform brightness, reduced glare and optimal visual comfort – all while saving up to 75 percent on energy costs compared to HID.

Patented WaveStream™ LED optical technology blocks the direct line of sight from the LED light source to the eye. Instead, it redirects light with laser precision into a luminous Wavestream panel made from injection molded acrylic featuring MicroLens® optics. Microscopic inclusions work with reflective backing plates to direct the light in exacting patterns. The result is light with extremely high uniformity, optimized vertical footcandles and maximum brightness control – never harsh, uncomfortable or unsafe for people in the environment, truly efficient lighting in every way.

The TopTier is built for maximum lifecycle cost efficiency. The housing is finished in a durable TGIC polyester powder coat paint for superior protection against fade and wear. A formed aluminum top is sloped to prevent bird nesting. A one-piece, low copper die-cast aluminum housing makes for a clean, symmetrical appearance.

A metal electrical tray provides quick access for easy field servicing. For ASHRAE and California Title 24 compliance, as well as additional energy savings, the TopTier LED is available with an optionaloccupancy sensor.

The TopTier utilizes a quick-mount plate that adapts to all wet location junction boxes allowing for surface, free-swing or rigid pendant installation (J-box supplied by others). The TopTier can also be trunnion or wall mounted as well.

For more information on TopTier LED lights, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative.

TopTier Features

  • Multiple packages from 3,000 to 9,000 nominal lumens
  • Standard color temp: 4000K (3000K and 6000K optional)
  • Up to 118 lumens per watt efficacy
  • IP66 and 3G vibration rated
  • UL/cUL listed for wet locations
  • Optional 0-10V dimming driver for additional energy savings
  • Optional integral cold weather battery pack


McGraw-Edison TopTier LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire Brochure

The TopTier Luminaire combined with the LumaWatt Outdoor Wireless Control and Monitoring System provides a California Title 24 solution. With 0-10V dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting capability, the TopTier Luminaire is the ideal solution for standards compliance in all parking garage applications.

[VID] Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business McGraw-Edison TopTier LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire

Eaton's Cooper Lighting business TopTierâ„¢ Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire is an innovative solution that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and visual comfort. The patented WaveStreamâ„¢ optical technology blocks the line of sight from the LED light sources to the observer, while extracting the maximum amount of light on task. This approach results in a high level of uniformity and vertical footcandles that enhances safety in the application environment. The TopTier luminaire is UL/cUL listed for wet locations, IP66 and 3G vibration rated.