Flexible, Versatile Downlights: Halo SLD Surface LED Downlights From Eaton's Lighting Solutions

Cooper Wavestream Halo SLD Series

Recessed Housings: Meet Your Match

Available in 4-inch and 6-inch models, the SLD series incorporate WaveStream™ LED technology to create an ultra-low profile (0.7”), surface-mounting luminaire, providing unmatched optical performance, energy efficiency and brightness control, all at the right price.

Ideal for new construction, remodel and retrofit projects, the SLD series are the first LED surface products to perform and look like a traditional recessed downlight, plus offering up to 80 percent in energy savings compared to a traditional incandescent fixture. The dimmable series installs into many standard junction boxes in ceilings and walls. Both models can fit in standard or fire-rated 4-inch x 2-1/8-inch octagon and round junction boxes and the 6-inch model also fits into square boxes. The series can also retrofit into compatible 4-, 5- or 6-inch aperture insulated ceilings (IC) and non-IC recessed housings. Halo SLD products also serve as a replacement for surface-mounted products and can be used in wet location ceilings, such as showers and protected outdoor ceilings.

What's more, the SLD luminaires can save a tremendous amount of energy. The unit consumes only 12.5W and lasts 50,000 hours – a 65W BR30 lamp lasts approximately 2,000 hours. The series can save up to 80 percent over a traditional incandescent fixture.

Electrical Junction Box Compatible = Flexibility + Savings

Halo SLD products offer the benefit of downlight distribution yet do not require a recessed downlight housing. They can be installed where plenum space is limited and in standard and fire-rated electrical junction boxes, for a cost-effective alternative to installing fire-rated recessed housings. Halo SLD products can be used in compatible electrical junction boxes in direct contact with insulation, including spray foam. The SLD JB model includes the junction box mounting bracket, while the standard SLD model includes the junction box mounting bracket, plus a retrofit parts kit.

SLD is suitable for all downlight applications, and a great fit for residential, multi-family or light commercial applications (such as retail and hospitality).

  • Ultra-low profile surface luminaire with downlighting distribution
  • AIR TITE™ and ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Consumes only 12.5W of energy, and can last up to 50,000 hours (Over its lifespan, one Halo SLD produces $400 in savings.)
  • Ceiling or wall mounting in compatible junction boxes
  • Retrofit 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch recessed downlights with screwbase adapter included
  • 80 CRI or 90 CRI
  • Dimmable with 120V dimmers
  • Wet-location listed for showers and protected ceilings
  • Damp-location listed for indoor ceiling or wall mounting
  • Junction box bracket and recessed retrofit mounting kit included


[PDF] Halo Surface LED Downlighting SLD Series Brochure
[PDF] Halo SLD6xJB Surface LED Downlight Spec Sheet
Purchase: Halo Surface LED Downlight, 600 Series
Purchase: Halo Surface LED Downlight, 400 Series, Ceiling/Wall Mount

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