Halo Surface LED Downlights With Look of Traditional Downlights Video

Halo surface mount LED downlight luminaires or SLDs by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business hit on two key metrics that contractors care about: productivity and efficiency. They incorporate WaveStream™ LED technology which allows Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business to expand its luminaire portfolio in the LED world. The process involves taking LED and coupling it to the side of the luminaire panel. The light shines and emits through the panel itself and there are embedded optics – patented Accu-Aim™ optics- which pull the light out and downward to the area that’s being lit. It’s a very efficient, very resourceful product.

Where it picks up on the efficiency side is its flexibility. When you have installations that have a surface mount fixture, you can do a simple retrofit. Simply pull down the existing surface mount fixture and replace it with the Cooper Lighting Halo SLD and put it right into the existing junction box. From that perspective it is easy to install, and when you think about the cost of a junction box, it’s rather minimal compared to a traditional recessed housing.

The Cooper Lighting Halo SLDs come with a screw-based adaptor as well as a wired connector. They come in a couple of different color temperatures. The one shown in the video is the 3000 Kelvin model. Most are going to be in the warmer color temperatures because those are the environments where you see a lot of recessed lighting.

The Cooper Lighting Halo SLDs are damp and wet location rated so you can use them in areas like showers. There are two different sizes of fixtures: one for 4 inch installations and one for 5 or 6 inch applications.

The Cooper Lighting Halo SLDs are dimmable and work on a 120V dimmer and go down to a 5 percent level. With installation being very quick and easy, contractors like the increased productivity the Halo SLDs provide as well as their flexibility and versatility. Learn more.