All-Pro AL2050LPC LED Series

Cooper Ltg Halo All-Pro AL2050LPC LED Series IMG

The ALL-PRO™ LED Area and Wall Light with Dusk-to-Dawn photocontrol from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business, incorporates sustainable LED technology into a reliable security solution that provides nighttime ON and daytime OFF settings. This fixture provides the same area coverage as standard 65W CFL, 100W mercury vapor and 200W incandescent area lights while achieving substantial energy and maintenance savings. Perfect for illuminating large areas like barns, side roads and pathways.

  • Over 10 years of maintenance-free LEDs with lifespan of 35,000 hours
  • Light coverage equivalent to 100W Mercury Vapor or 65W CFL fixtures
  • NEMA replaceable photo control provides nighttime ON/ daytime OFF
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant die-cast metal construction
  • Precision optics and reflector for maximum light output
  • Sturdy mounting arm installs to walls or poles
  • Perfect security lighting for barns and outdoor dark, secluded areas
  • Available in bronze or gray color

All-Pro AL2050LPC Spec Sheet

Specification features include construction, electrical, optics, warranty, description and ordering information.

All-Pro LED Brochure

Overview of energy and management savings, ordering information, features and benefits of the dusk-to-dawn outdoor security area lighting from All-Pro.