Bussmann Low-Peak® Upgrade Program

Eaton's Bussmann Low Peak Upgrade Program

Bussmann Low-Peak Fuse Upgrade Program from Eaton's Bussmann business can decrease fuse inventory by 33 percent and increase fuse protection by 50 percent – and deliver proof before you participate. The program combines the industry's only UL and CSA listed fuses with a 300kA interrupting rating* allowing for versatile installations. One Low-Peak fuse can be used for multiple installations. Together, the program offers superior protection and simplified, minimized inventory for Industrial facility MROs.

Available in Class L, J, CC and RK1, Low-Peak fuses minimize even the worst fault conditions for systems up to 600 volts. The current-limiting feature can reduce incident energy released during an arc flash. In addition, these fuses offer Type 2 "No Damage" motor starter/controller protection to help prevent damage to equipment. Clear fuse indication makes for fast troubleshooting and allows contractors and maintenance personnel to quickly locate short circuits. Low-Peak fuses are also extremely versatile. Fast short-circuit protection and dual-element, time-delay features provide extremely simple installation in a variety of applications. Since the same fuse can be used in multiple areas, industrial customers can reduce in-stock SKUs by one-third. This reduces the investment cost and saves money related to stocking and reordering.

Participating in the Low-Peak Fuse Upgrade Program is extremely simple. Industrial customers simply send current fuse inventories to Bussmann in Excel format (Bussmann will also enter inventory data from another format, with a longer lead time). Bussmann analyzes the data and prepares a customized Low-Peak Upgrade report and a quote within 48 hours. Once the customer agrees to participate, Bussmann picks up existing inventory and provides the necessary selection tools, crib charts, bin labels and training.

For more information on the Low-Peak Fuse Upgrade Program, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Workplace Safety

  • Current-limiting feature minimizes incident energy, reducing arc-flash hazards to their lowest levels possible.
  • Interrupting ratings up to 300kA protect under the worst-case fault current conditions.

Code Compliance

  • Low-Peak fuses help reduce fault currents to meet new assembly Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) requirements.
  • Selective coordination is easy with a 2:1 amp ratio between upstream and downstream Low-Peak fuses.


  • No waste, less confusion and fewer dollars tied up in inventory.
  • Reduce fuse inventory by up to 33 percent.
  • Reduce buying, stocking and reordering.

* 50 percent higher IR (300kA) than any other UL and CSA Listed fuse. Includes Class J, L and R fuses.


Find out how much you can reduce inventory and increase savings by consolidating your fuse inventory.

[PDF] Bussmann Low-Peak Upgrade Program Brochure

[PDF] Bussmann Low-Peak Upgrade Program Product Profile