Bussmann Knifeblade Fuseblocks

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Bussmann Knifeblade Fuse Blocks from Eaton's Bussmann business offer the only snap-together design on the market that permits assembly of required poles at point-of-use. Factory assembled two-and three-pole configurations are also available.

Best Ratings

All fuse blocks meet UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Control Circuits (UL 508, UL 845). 200 Amp and above blocks meet the higher UL Industrial Power Distribution Standards (UL 98, UL 67, UL 489, UL 891, and UL 869A).


Optional high-clarity, see-through finger-safe covers with test probe holes make routine maintenance activities easy. No need to open the cover to inspect wire terminations or to take thermography measurements. Available with any Class J, H(K) or R fuse block.


For added safety and convenience, Bussmann offers optional IP20 finger-safe covers across the entire knifeblade fuse block range. Built-in lockout/tagout feature improves safety. Blown fuse indication option on fuse cover assists in troubleshooting, while standard phase barriers between poles enhance safety

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Features at a Glance

  • Snap-together design permits assembly of required poles at point-of-use
  • Factory assembled two- and three-pole configurations are also available
  • Modular products reduce inventory and speeds up service time for the user and distributor alike
  • IP20 finger-safe covers eliminate the need to install a custom plexiglas shield that is currently used when installing conventional open style fuse blocks
  • The only knifeblade product range on the market with optional finger-safe covers across the full product line
  • Lock-out/tag-out capability enhances safety and improves ease of maintenance


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