Bussmann FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator Mobile App

Bussmann’s new FC2 mobile app calculates available fault current anywhere in an electrical system and creates NEC labels for marking service entrance equipment

Bussmann’s FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator from Eaton's Bussmann business puts added power into the palms of electricians and electrical contractors. It is the first fully-functioning mobile app that allows the use of standard mobile devices to calculate available fault currents, generate one-line diagrams and produce compliance labels for power systems without any of the associated fees – a significant savings in time and expense.

To use FC2, electrical contractors or engineers first choose between three-phase or single-phase system types. Users simply add the system components through the app, and it quickly calculates the available fault current and generates a one-line diagram of the entire system. The app also produces NEC® 110.24-compliant labels which clearly show the maximum available fault currents and the dates of calculation. Labels can be created as JPEGs and are pre-designed specifically for fast, trouble-free printing on most label printers. Users can even email labels and diagrams directly from FC2.

A sizing guide included in the app facilitates the correct sizing of fuses and conductors. FC2 users increase on-the-job safety – and save even more time – by using the fault current calculation in conjunction with the NFPA 70E table (hazard/risk category) method for compliant PPE selection.The mobile app is available for Apple® and Android® mobile devices. A web-based version of FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator is online at the Bussmann website.

For more information, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative.

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Features of the FC2

  • Calculator allows for easy entry of system components for fast, accurate fault current calculation
  • Calculation includes one-line diagram generation
  • Produces NEC 110.24-compliant labels for emailing, printing and posting
  • Users can create labels as JPEGs for added convenience and compatibility
  • App includes a User Guide with helpful tips and clear explanations
  • Fuse Sizing Guide helps determine fuse and conductor sizes for main, feeder and branch circuits
  • Technical support and customer service is available via email directly from the app


Cooper Bussmann FC2 Mobile App Product Profile

How to install and use the FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator.