Compliance-Driven Seismic Engineering Services From Eaton's B-Line Business

Cooper B-Line TOLCO Seismic Bracing

Shaky on Seismic Compliance?

Code requirements change, and wading through the quagmire of federal, state and local seismic-compliance requirements can be daunting. To ensure compliance, contractors need to quickly and easily determine whether or not their project requires seismic bracing.

Gain Solid Footing With Seismic Bracing Support

  1. Pre-Bid To System Design Support
    The seismic experts at Eaton’s B-Line business have a firm grasp on code requirements, and can help support contractors during the pre-bid process. By involving them from the get-go, contractors can confidently deliver solutions that comply with building code and project specifications.
  2. Product and Installation Assistance
    B-Line’s team of experts help contractors reduce installation costs by utilizing labor-saving TOLCO seismic bracing products. You’ll have all the right products—at the right time—for installation and inspection:
    • TOLCO seismic bracing products provide value with labor- and time-saving features, for speedy installation and superior efficiency.
    • Many of the TOLCO seismic bracing products allow for universal applications, reducing the number of SKU’s required on the jobsite.
    • With the built-in visual verification features of TOLCO seismic bracing products, installers can be sure the product is properly installed, and makes passing inspection easier.
  3. Final Inspection Support
    Eaton’s B-Line business continues providing assistance after installation by providing final job walk and certification of installation.


  • Pre-Bid To System Design Support: Help wading through codes requirements and project specifications.
  • Product and Installation Support: Help with selecting the correct TOLCO™ seismic bracing products for the job, with innovative time saving designs
  • Final Inspection Support: Help with final walk-through by providing certification of proper installation.

Contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR for more information on TOLCO Seismic Bracing Support by B-Line.


  • UL listed
  • FM approved
  • OSHPD approved
  • Universal applications
  • Innovative labor-saving designs
  • Visual verification
  • Engineering services including wet stamped (SE) drawings as needed
  • Final job-walk and certification services available