Video: Get Testing Results Fast with CommScope WebTrak and cTrak Web Applications

CommScope has a lot of products that can improve your efficiency, safety and productivity on your jobsites. But there's one unique tool that CommScope has that's called our WebTrak and cTrak web application. To give you an example, on each of our fiber optic cables, coax cables and UTP cables, we have a 13 digit identifier marked every 18 inches on the cable. If you're having a problem with your installation while you're on the jobsite, you can get one one of our mobile devices or a laptop and punch in the 13 digit identifier on that cable and it will pull up the test record from our factory. So it's very effective for troubleshooting and you don't have to spend as much time digging into whether or not there is an issue with the product.

CTrak is available on our wireless product as well as our fiber optic MPO assemblies. You can find all of that test data online on WebTrak and just look for WebTrak on our website. Or if you go to the App store on your mobile device, just type in CommScope and cTrak will come up and download it for free onto your mobile phone.