CommScope Data Center Resources

  • CommScope E2O Hybrid Fiber Coax Case Study

    A large Multiple System Operator (MSO) needed to upgrade a portion of their coaxial cable plant by installing both coaxial and fiber cables on existing poles. CommScope's engineers approached the problem from two angles: (1) how to reduce the size of the coaxial cable without degrading its signal carrying attributes and (2) how to design a fiber cable that, combined with the coax, would be smaller and weigh less than the installed P3 cable.

  • CommScope E2O Brochure

    Applications for commercial and HFC residential services, as well as samples of E2O designs.

  • SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Fiber Solution for Data Center Networks Application Guide

    Data Center fiber networks are evolving and can assist with data center concerns such as power, cooling, floor space, and equipment density storage and local area networks can vary in size, architecture, and platform and may be centrally located or scattered throughout a data center. The SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density (UHD) solution was created to allow for maximum design flexibility while providing modular and scalable growth.

  • CommScope Enterprise Data Center Design Guide

    Your selection of architecture, capacity, media type and installed cost will all affect performance and reliability. CommScope is a leading manufacturer not only of fiber, twisted pair and coaxial cables, but of connectivity components that offer the highest levels of performance and reliability. CommScope integrates cable, connectivity and craft for systems with warranted capability.

  • White Paper: A Look into What Cloud Computing is and How it May Affect Data Network Cabling

    Clearly the latest marketing focus of Information Technology related products is the "cloud". But what does this nebulous term mean in regard to today’s IT environment, and what, if any impacts will this have on your layer one physical infrastructure?

  • White Paper: A Comparison of Total Costs of Ownership of 10 Gigabit Network Deployments in the Data Center

    This white paper analyzes the network architecture alternatives, associated capital costs and operational considerations for a 10 Gigabit data center network infrastructure.