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  • Frequently Asked Questions on TIA Standard 4966

    Get answers to questions like: What is TIA-4966? and What unique requirements does TIA-4966 describe?

  • CommScope White Paper: Laying the groundwork for a new level of Power over Ethernet

    Over the past decade, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has emerged as a key powering strategy, allowing network managers, installers and integrators to use structured cabling to provide both power and data to many of their network devices.

  • CommScope Universal Connectivity Grid

    Maximum operational efficiency can be realized by deploying a grid-based layout with distribution boxes to improve administration and minimize the cost and disruption when providing additional services or space reconfigurations.

  • CommScope ION-U Spec Sheet

    ION®-U Low Power Remote Unit for CEL 900, DCS 1800, IMT 2100 and IMT 2600 Band Applications.

  • CommScope Copper Theft Solutions Guide

    On the outside it looks like an ordinary communication cable– common, black, with absolutely no scrap value. Underneath the MDPE exterior is a high-performance, copper-clad steel ground wire. Durable, reliable and more affordable than solid copper but with no re-sale value. To a copper thief, this wire is simply not worth the trouble...which makes it invaluable to you.

  • CommScope Fuel Cell Solution Product Specifications Sheet

    General specifications for the 5HSC CommScope Hydrogen Storage Cabinet.

  • CommScope White Paper: The Connected and Efficient Data Center

    If power and cooling represent 25 to 40 percent of a data center’s monthly OpEx, then 60 to 75 percent of those operating costs lie elsewhere – in other physical resources such as space, IT assets, and connectivity. These other resources all have associated costs, not only in terms of capital, but in time, productivity, effort and opportunity costs. Managing all of these physical resources as an interconnected whole – this is where possibilities to drive a new level of efficiency abound.

  • CommScope WebTrak and cTrak PowerPoint Presentation

    WebTrak provides test reports for the following solutions: base station antennas, cable assemblies, fiber optic and hybrid feeder cables and twisted pair cables.

  • CommScope E2O Hybrid Fiber Coax Case Study

    A large Multiple System Operator (MSO) needed to upgrade a portion of their coaxial cable plant by installing both coaxial and fiber cables on existing poles. CommScope's engineers approached the problem from two angles: (1) how to reduce the size of the coaxial cable without degrading its signal carrying attributes and (2) how to design a fiber cable that, combined with the coax, would be smaller and weigh less than the installed P3 cable.

  • CommScope E2O Brochure

    Applications for commercial and HFC residential services, as well as samples of E2O designs.