Predict Data Center Resource Requirements with CommScope iTRACS DCIM

CommScope iTRACS DCIM is a model of your infrastructure designed to show inter-relationships of all your assets. It also gives you the ability to predict what's going to happen as far as resource requirements. CommScope's iTRACS DCIM allows you to create what-if scenarios, to measure the impact of change within your environment and to make sure that you have all the resources necessary to be able to affect change without actually impacting the physical environment.

With that said, you can do all the planning and create the workflow that's necessary to show what you need to do to make the changes and that's automated. It gives you the connectivity and everything's based on the data that's behind the graphic interface. As we strip back the layers, we go right down to the port level, show you the connectivity, power chain; everything that's necessary within your infrastructure that gives you the ability to affect change more efficiently and increase the productivity of your staff.

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