The Innovative Optical Distribution Frame: Commscope's NG4access ODF Platform

CommScope NG4access ODF Platform

Smarter, Simpler Design

With years of experience in designing and developing fiber distribution systems, CommScope has applied its knowledge to the innovative, user-friendly NG4access ODF platform. The NG4access ODF combines an optical distribution frame, universal chassis, adapter pack, and cabled module solution set to provide a simple, modular product for use in your central office or data center. The platform’s MPO module accepts LC-24 or SC-12 connectors and offers build-as-you-grow fiber capacity; the NG4access ODF platform is the present and future solution for contractors looking to address the bandwidth issues of their customers.

The Leader in Flexibility and Performance

The NG4access ODF’s modular design accommodates up to 576 LC terminations or 288 SC terminations, more than doubling the largest termination counts currently on the market. Each access tray can be easily opened, closed, or removed without pulling the fibers, significantly reducing the time and stress associated with installation and maintenance.

CommScope’s NG4access ODF platform allows the end user to achieve greater density than ever before, without compromising on accessibility or ease of use. With an ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth and long-term solutions, this innovative platform is worthwhile for any contractor looking to bolster their customer’s bandwidth capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy access to all cables and connectors allows for rapid routing and connection, turn-ups, and maintenance
  • Reduced bend-radius fiber lowers attenuation caused from tight bends and frequent handling
  • MPO module accepts LC-24 or SC-12 connectors and uses a low-loss MPO connector for easy connections
  • Build-as-you-grow fiber capacity
  • Now available featuring Quareo technology
CommScope White Paper: NG4access ODF Platform

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