Ramp Up Bandwidth The Smart Way: LazrSPEED® WideBand Multimode Fiber From CommScope

CommScope LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber

Addressing Today’s Data Challenges

Data center managers, engineers, and storage network architects have a lot on their plates: Addressing the challenge of escalating data rates. Answering the need for cost-effective infrastructure that can support bandwidth needs today and in the future. Figuring out how they got the caramel in the candy bar. (The list goes on.)

CommScope isn’t well-versed in the chocolate sciences. But Multimode fiber? Right up their alley. CommScope developed LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) cabling solutions to enhance the ability of shortwave-wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) technology. In fact, this solution provides at least a four-fold increase in usable bandwidth, all while maintaining compatibility with OM3 and OM4 fibers and supporting all legacy multimode applications.

Increasing Useable Bandwidth

LazrSPEED WBMMF expands the specified high-bandwidth operating wavelength spectrum from a single wavelength at 850 nm to a range of more than 100 nm that includes 850 nm through 950 nm. This wide specification range enhances SWDM technology’s capability to transmit 40G and 100G over a single pair of fibers, and to drastically increase the capacity of parallel-fiber infrastructure. That means opening the door to even higher speeds such 400GE over four pairs.

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  • Retains legacy application support of OM4
  • Increases capacity to > 100G per fiber with SWDM
  • Enables single-pair Ethernet at 40G and 100G
  • Enables single-pair fiber channel at 128G
  • Reduces parallel fiber count by factor of 4
  • Extends MMF utility as universal medium
  • Matches footprint of InstaPATCH 360DM module
  • Fits existing 360G2, UHD, and the newly released HD fiber shelves


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