In-Building Wireless Made Easy: ION®-E From CommScope

CommScope ION-E

Scalable. Intuitive. Easy.

ION-E from CommScope addresses changing indoor coverage and capacity demands with a solution that’s flexible, scalable, and simple. With traditional systems, installing and deploying in-building wireless is like driving a semi down a racetrack—slow, cumbersome, and complex. Think of ION-E like a mint, Chevy Camaro that turns on a dime.

ION-E utilizes standard IT cabling and supports both wired and wireless infrastructure in one system. Plus, installing ION-E is more like installing Wi-Fi than RF. There’s no need for complex RF infrastructure or a team of highly trained RF engineers and technicians. Configuration couldn’t be easier either. With CommScope’s intuitive drag-and-drop software, you don’t even need a manual.

Flexible & Powerful

ION-E can handle multiple carriers and technologies, and the system is frequency agnostic too. With ION-E, there’s no need for additional equipment every time you switch operators or technologies. From small to medium size venues with high-capacity needs, ION-E delivers a truly versatile, scalable solution that runs on a standard IT infrastructure. ION-E from CommScope. The easy, scalable, flexible in-building wireless solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Installation & Deployment:
    • Configure via intuitive drag-and-drop software—no RF experts needed
    • Utilizes standard IT cabling to support both wired and wireless infrastructure
    • Standard installation materials utilizing Category 6A, multimode, and single-mode fiber
  • Complete Flexibility:
    • Technology and frequency independence supporting 380-2700 MHz with one model
    • Software-defined remote sectorization control
    • Automated configuration
    • Accommodates multiple operators and technologies—all using the same equipment
  • Powerful Performance:
    • MNC, MCC, and cell Id detection for ease of signal distribution
    • Gigabit Ethernet back-haul over common infrastructure—no separate hardware or cables required
    • Power to universal access points (UAP) and connected Ethernet devices through enhanced PoE
    • UAP power over single standard cable via PoE
    • Compact head-end equipment conserves rack space
[PDF] CommScope ION-E Solution Guide

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