Instant Field Connections + Lower Installed Costs = CommScope's InstaPATCH® 360 Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution

CommScope InstaPATCH 360 Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution

Meeting Evolving Fiber Needs

For new data center builds and expansions, or data centers with a high turnover of hardware, adaptability is key. There’s no room for inefficiency in today’s data center environment: as network needs shift, low installed costs, increased density and reduced space, simple reconfiguration, improved fiber patch cord management, and easy labeling are crucial.

With an expected upgrade path from serial to parallel optics, a modification path no longer cuts it. But with fiber solutions that were built for yesterday’s data center, the prospect of speedy deployment and easy modification is just a pipedream.

Tomorrow’s Data Center, Today

Designed for the twenty-first-century data center, CommScope’s InstaPATCH® 360 Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution replaces the field termination aspect of single-fiber connectivity. Slashing labor and installation costs, this innovative technology combines the efficiency of factory termination with snap-together installation. As the expected upgrade path from serial to parallel optics, the InstaPATCH® 360 delivers a factory-terminated, high-density, multi-fiber solution that deploys with plug-and-play simplicity.

For more information on InstaPATCH 360, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


  • Pre-terminated solution slashes labor for a lower total installed system cost
  • Factory terminated and tested cable and apparatus for instant field connections with guaranteed quality and performance
  • Increased density reduces space by 50%
  • Supports easy reconfiguration for moves, adds, and changes
  • Improved fiber patch cord management and labeling capabilities, designed for administrative convenience
  • Guaranteed transmit-to-receive connectivity
  • Excellent cable management and rear access while minimizing bulk, complexity, and potential restrictions to air flow
  • iPatch-ready—upgradeable to intelligent infrastructure management after the initial installation
  • Backed by best-in-industry SYSTIMAX warranty