Truly Intelligent Infrastructure Management: imVision From CommScope

CommScope imVision

Optimize Data Center Space—The Smart Way

With data center downtime so costly—a whopping $8,000 per minute—there’s no room for error. With imVision, you no longer need to compromise density and physical-layer management. With the latest release of iPatch hardware, users can manage up to 576 fibers in a 4U shelf. It’s part of what’s called “intelligent infrastructure,” and it’s paving the way in ultra-high-density environments where the risk of removing the wrong cord or making an incorrect patch is great.

  • Ensure tighter security throughout your network
  • Locate devices–and problems–on your network
  • Enhance change management
  • Simplify audits and compliance
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Increase operational efficiency, uptime and productivity
  • Monitor and control all sites globally from one location
  • Automate existing workflow

Management Made Easy

With imVision’s guided patching feature, ports are illuminated with LEDs, so identification is easy. And, with the imVision controller, a complete, end-to-end circuit trace is immediately visible at the panel. So when a server is decommissioned and removed, all patching associated with server-to-switch lengths is also removed—freeing up switch port and panel capacity.

Better-Managed Networks

When it comes to data center fiber networks, imVision documents complete, end-to-end fiber channel circuits, including the world-wide names of the server and SAN switch ports. imVision also helps manage parallel transmissions via MPO ports, supporting up to 192 MPOs in a 4U shelf. As application speeds increase—and 40G and 100G switch uplinks become more prevalent—this is increasingly important. For today’s data centers, imVision is no longer a nice-to-have solution—it’s a must-have solution.


[PDF] CommScope imVision Solution Guide
[PDF] imVision System Management Brochure
[PDF] White Paper: Network intelligence for physical assets in a virtualized enterprise

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