CommScope Hydrogen Fuel Cell Backup Power Solution

CommScope Hydrogen Fuel Cell Backup Power Solution

CommScope provides the most environmentally friendly, space-efficient and reliable power backup solution for businesses with its hydrogen fuel cell solution. Replacing traditional backup systems that require gasoline or diesel fuel, this system is clean, silent and requires very little maintenance. Businesses get the latest, most dependable backup power for streamlined business operations and maximum employee productivity; they can also present a "greener" solution for clients and potential clients.

The solution is based on a proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell module. The design uses a highly efficient (~40 to 50%) process that features modular plates forming a stack. The number of plates per stack determines power. The stack is housed in a cabinet that meets thermal, seismic, salt fog, and heavy rain requirements. The result is greater power density and a smaller physical footprint; the system can be installed in a cabinet as small as 5' x 6'. The solution delivers power as long as hydrogen and oxygen are delivered. Optional integrated 8- or 16-unit hydrogen storage cylinders are also available.

Businesses can qualify for federal tax credits to offset CAPEX, reducing initial investment. Because there is no scheduled monthly maintenance or hydration required, the solution reduces maintenance costs. CommScope provides a turnkey service agreement that includes installation, monitoring and ongoing maintenance and fuel tank refills/replacements.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Hydrogen fuel generates power – only by-products are heat and pure water
  • Operational cost savings – no scheduled maintenance compared to generators
  • High reliability – well-suited for critical applications
  • Available 16-unit storage cylinders provide extended power backup
  • Requires less space with a smaller footprint compared to batteries and generators
  • Voltage: 18V


[PDF] CommScope Fuel Cell Solution Product Specifications Sheet