Expand Wireless Coverage In Your Hospital

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First-responders demand reliable, uninterrupted radio coverage to help ensure safety in your hospital. Mission critical coverage can no longer end at the hospital doorway, basement or stairwell, and a distributed antenna system (DAS) is the most common way to help ensure in-building coverage in your hospital.

However, choosing the wrong solution or no solution for in-building wireless can truly be a matter of life or death for the hospital. In fact, many building code/ordinances across the country already or will soon mandate public safety "first-responder" in-building radio coverage. Fortunately, Graybar and CommScope have the experience and expertise to deliver reliable wireless coverage in your hospital.

Do You Need In-Building Wireless?

  • Do your doctors ever complain about poor cellular coverage?
  • Have first-responders complained about weak 2-way radio coverage?
  • Does your city have a first-responder in-building coverage ordinance?
  • Are you planning on deploying any new wireless applications?

DAS for the Future

Numerous wireless applications require a DAS to operate effectively. Today, hospitals lead the wireless industry in deploying advanced wireless applications like Wi-Fi, wireless PBX, patient monitoring, RF location, security, building automation and more. Anticipating future wireless needs and requirements is a concern for every hospital IT or Facilities Manager.

The Graybar and CommScope Solution

Graybar and CommScope set the standard in DAS technology. Many of CommScope’s technological advances have been adopted industry-wide. Their solutions are flexible and energy efficient, with total integration that streamlines installation, simplifies maintenance and minimizes costs, all within a compact, space saving footprint.

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Graybar PowerSmart® In-Building Wireless Solutions (PDF)

Wireless connectivity is the norm today, and its demand is driven by the unprecedented growth in mobility. Seamless wireless access is not only an expectation but a requirement. Graybar understands the network challenges building owners, business executives, IT departments and facility managers face. And Graybar has the experience and resources to bring innovative wireless solutions to your building or campus.

CommScope In-Building Wireless Solutions Catalog

CommScope’s IBW Solutions includes Repeaters (or bi-directional amplifiers) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) infrastructure. All of CommScope’s products are modulation agnostic and broad band, ensuring a future-proof solution.

CommScope Wired for Wireless Brochure

The Wired for Wireless Solution’s unique structured design makes wireless coverage inside buildings dramatically more affordable by simplifying installation and eliminating the need for costly site surveys and custom network designs.