CommScope E2O™

CommScope E2O Electrical to Optical

CommScope's "Electrical to Optical" (E2O) product line is a customer defined solution that allows for future coaxial to fiber upgrades with little-to-no associated costs. This family of electrical and optical hybrid products offers a combination of coaxial cable with optical fiber and/or microducts all under a common sheath. Because of this single sheath, E2O can help mitigate future installation costs while ensuring future migration strategies including PON, RFoG and other FTTx technologies.

E2O Applications

Commercial Services

E2O products are well suited for commercial service installations:

  • Install a cost effective coaxial branch off of an HFC plant to an initial commercial customer and, at the same time, install either a conduit for blown fiber and/or a fiber cable for later use when higher bandwidth services are required to the building or business park.
  • Install fiber to a business park as a standard high-speed data offering and include coaxial plant under the same sheath in case commercial customer later requests video delivery.

HFC Residential Services

Whether you want to reconfigure, maintain or replace your coax plant, the use of E2O products helps "future proof" your efforts for when fiber is eventually needed. Whether your strategy is to install coax integrated with fiber or conduit for future fiber blow-in (or both!) you'll minimize your expenses by installing all under one sheath at the same time, mitigating future labor and installation costs.

Features at a Glance

  • Allows an operator to start serving new business customers quickly using their existing HFC network
  • Enables immediate REVENUE generation
  • The network is easily upgradeable to fiber once a customer requires data rates higher than the HFC network can provide
  • Virtually eliminates the EXPENSE of installing a fiber network over the existing one


[PDF] CommScope E2O Hybrid Fiber Coax Case Study
[PDF] CommScope E2O Brochure