Discover When Things Get Moved in Your Physical Network with AIM Solutions from CommScope

AIM solutions, or automated infrastructure management systems, is an intelligent cabling system that allows you to discover when things get removed or added into your physical network. So when someone unplugs a cable, you know automatically. Or when you have to update your documentation, you don't have to put it off or mistakenly put in a 0 or a O; it's all done automatically. Consider it the Internet of Things, but for your cabling infrastructure.

What we have here is a Quareo product line which allows you to look at how things are connected or identify easily from an LED standpoint how cables are connected in your infrastructure. Or, using our software, use something like our mobile applications which can be on iOS or Android. Hit a start button and you as a tech can now start your work but now get directed to where you need to plug in your cables with the LEDs. So we're going to leverage today's technologies in a realm where it has been largely manual so now we're going to automate that and make it easier for people to do their work.

From an AIM solution standpoint, CommScope has the broadest product offering on the market. We have everything from copper to fiber, supporting LC, MPO, as well as single mode and multimode. Ideal for your intelligent building infrastructure or your data center, central office or head end.

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