• Clearfield Ordering Guide Now Available

    Clearfield​ has released their new In Stock Ordering Guide for Graybar. This guide includes all Clearfield items that are currently stocked in Graybar's inventory. It also provides the applications, descriptions, features and benefits for each product category and includes the Clearfield part numbers, Graybar IDs and product descriptions. Download today!


  • Using FieldShield in the Cellular World

    Cell tower owners and operators have seen the need to not just bring fiber to the base of the tower, but to take fiber UP the tower as well. Large coaxial cables weigh down the tower structure and add to wind loading. The answer to this is FieldShield. FieldShield has such a small footprint, yet can provide nearly 100 times the capacity of broadband than a typical coaxial cable.


  • Clearfield StrongFiber and SmartRoute Deploy Reel

    Due to the high variability of MDU architectures, extensive engineering has been required to ensure proper cable lengths for FTTp deployments. With StrongFiber, pre-engineering is minimal because the 4.5” SmartRoute Deploy Reel, upon which StrongFiber is shipped, can be mounted at the destination site and the desired length simply pulled from the wheel to the access point.


  • Clearfield Clearview Blue Cassette

    The core building block of every product within the FieldSmart fiber management system, Clearview Blue incorporates the same flexibility and scalability of Clearview Classic with enhanced configuration options supporting tool-less installation, in-cassette buffer tube/ribbon slack storage, front access-only designs, and a 25% smaller footprint.


  • Clearfield FieldSmart Makwa Fiber Distribution Hub

    Clearfield's FieldSmart Makwa FDH can be placed in any below grade environment including the boulevard or area between the curb and sidewalk. As this space is typically owned by the municipality, only a single permit is required expediting the pre-construction engineering process.