Make Waterfall Changes with Bolt In Universal Runway from Chatsworth

Chatsworth's Universal Runway gives you a lot of flexibility. Most runway systems are welded systems, so whenever you have to do your waterfalling, you have to cut that rail out or do some adaptation.

Chatsworth's system is bolt in, so you change the run wherever you need it. Also available from Chatsworth is a toolless waterfall to literally drag and drop the waterfalls and locate them whenever you'd like on the runway.

On the universal runway, you're literally able to take the waterfall off and put it onto existing systems or the universal system, and it can drop on. We've also got the sideposts that you can toolless clip it onto the runway system to give you the necessary support for your cables.

The new eConnect line of PDUs with locking receptacle set up to work with any plug. It's available in C13 and C19 configuration. It gives you the ability to lock that plug in and secure it without any additional hardware. It will easily unplug as well.

Built in to Chatsworth's PDUs is their monitoring software with no additional licensing. all you need is a web interface to be able to pull down data from the PDUs.

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