A Locking Mechanism That's Part of the Receptacle, Not The Plug from Chatsworth

Chatsworth showcased their new locking receptacle at BICSI 2016. The locking mechanism is part of the receptacle and not a part of the plug, so you can use the same plug and same cords that you've always used.

It locks onto the body of the outlet or cord without any additional components. So we can go through and secure those cords without any additional items.

A proprietary outlet could add as much as 30% to the cost of your PDU, where this is being added as a standard item on Chatsworth PDUs at no additional cost

These be arranged by phase and in groups so you can put different components on different phases and they can be grouped together.

On Chatsworth monitored PDUs, you can monitor up to 30 PDUs on a single IP through our secure array technology. Through linking up to 30 PDUs together, sometimes called daisy chaining, you can monitor those PDUs off a single PDU.

Another feature of Chatsworth's secure array is it can do a master/slave network. If you have 30 PDUs linked together - at one end network one and another at network two. - if you break the link between them, you'll still maintain communication from network one to that break, then network two will take over communication over to the string. It gives you that redundancy, that reliability at no extra cost, plus it gives you flexibility and reduced network connections.

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